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Part L & Energy Performance Certificates

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    Part L & Energy Performance Certificates

Part L & Energy Performance Certificates

Part L
Part L of the building regulations requires that new buildings and extensions comply with strict targets for carbon emissions. We have nearly 15 years experience working with these approved methodologies (SBEM, DSM, BRUKL) and investigating the underlying calculations.
Where appropriate we demonstrate compliance using detailed 3D models. Other situations are covered by bespoke calculations and reports to meet building control requirements.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)
The same calculation engines are used to generate Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). These certificates are required when a building is constructed, sold or let and provide a rating of A through to G. The certificates are an asset rating, meaning they reflect the efficiency of the installed components which is distinct from how the building is used.

These ratings can actually depend heavily on the detail level of available information1. Based on our experience with these calculations we are able to advise on the best route to achieve a particular rating whether that involved physical upgrades or additional information gathering.

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)
MEES regulations require that landlords can only grant new leases on buildings that have an EPC rating of E or better. Properties that fall short face compulsory upgrades unless the measures can be demonstrated as not being feasible. 

Planning Targets
The planning targets for energy and carbon emissions vary significantly based on the local authority, to the point where buildings across the boundaries may need to be constructed very differently. We work on schemes across the whole of England and are particularly experienced in projects requiring compliance with the London Plan, which has some of the strictest conditions.

Display Energy Certificates (DECs)
The certificates are in some ways similar to EPCs but depend on the operational running of the building. They are required for buildings that are: