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Sunlight Analysis

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    Sunlight Analysis

Daylight & Sunlight Analysis

It is now widely established that daylight is critical for productivity and the alignment of the human biological clock. Peer-reviewed studies have even demonstrated that in healthcare buildings, access to daylight provides a reduction in recovery times1.

We offer a range of calculations to ensure that our designs receive high quality access to daylight and sunlight whilst minimising the impact on neighbouring properties. These calculations are particularly useful for sizing windows, designing spaces with limited daylight access and supporting planning applications.

When partnered with overheating calculations, this analysis can be extremely helpful in designing bright, comfortable spaces with low energy requirements. We provide the following calculations:

• Daylight Factor (Static Metrics)
• Climate Based Daylight Modelling (Dynamic Metrics)
• Visible Sky Component
• Annual Probable Sunlight Hours
• Sun Path Studies & Images
Daylight Image

1 Choi JH, Beltran L and Kim H. Impacts of indoor daylight environments on patient average length of stay in a healthcare facility. Building and Environment 2012; 50: 65-75